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What Types of Offences do we Deal With?

We deal with ALL types of criminal and traffic offences. Listed beneath is a list of the more common offences that we have represented people on.


Drink driving
Drug driving
Domestic violence matters (AVO’s)
Common assault
Fail to quit licensed premises
Indecent assault
Sexual assault
Break and Enter
Drug possession
Drug supply
Drug Importation
Fraud (corporate and otherwise)
Possession of Child Pornography

Traffic Offences

Low, mid, high range drink driving
Drive whilst disqualified, cancelled, or suspended
Negligent Driving
Negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm
Negligent driving occasioning death
License disqualification/RTA license appeals
Overturning habitual offender declaration
Furious driving / Reckless driving / Driving in a manner or at a speed dangerous.

These are but a few types of traffic offences, which we have represented, people on.

This is not a comprehensive list. The offences listed above are the more common offences that we have represented people on.

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