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Choosing Between a Barrister and a Solicitor?

At our law firm, we are Solicitor Advocates, which means that we go to Court for you and talk on your behalf (which is exactly what barristers do). We will conference with you, read over all of the material and we can tell you whether you need simply our services, or whether you need both a solicitor and barrister. In the event that we make the determination that you need both, we will engage a Barrister to work in your matter where there is a large level of complexity or difficulty.

Generally speaking, the only time you will need a Barrister is when you have been charged with an extremely serious offence and you are facing a Criminal Trial with a Judge and Jury. If this is the case, we will work with you from day one, until the end of the trial and engage the Barrister on your behalf. We will oversee the whole process from applying for bail for you (if applicable) issuing subpoenas, make applications to discontinue the proceedings, through to committing your matter to the District Court for trial and attending Court with you every day until your matter has been finalized.

We can understand the pressure involved in facing a lengthy term of imprisonment, however it is our job to take this pressure from you and make the determination as to whether you require a Barrister and importantly, choose the right barrister. Our law firm is essentially a ‘one-stop shop’ for people charged by the police. You do not need to independently seek out the services of a Barrister, as we will do this for you and be in a position to disclose all the associated costs of your case from the outset. There are plenty of good and bad barristers out there, however we only choose from the best.

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