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Bail In The Supreme Court & Excellent Result On Sentence

When my brother was charged and arrested last year, I rang Vanya immediately. I had previously used her services in a small criminal matter, but my brother’s charges were very serious. He had been arrested and had been bail refused.

Vanya immediately had the matter listed for an urgent Supreme Court bail application. She had a conference with my parents, told them exactly what they should expect, explained the whole process to them from start to finish, she went to gaol to meet with my brother and finally attended Court for him. She explained that it would be tough to get him bail, but she didn’t fill our heads with hot air and empty promises. She went to court, did all the talking, called my parents to give evidence in the witness box, made good submissions to the Judge for surety and he was granted bail.

Although my brother’s case was difficult and he ultimately ended up pleading guilty on a reduced charge, the sentence that she got for him in the District Court was amazing. We are so grateful to her for all her effort and support during such a difficult time for our whole family. Thanks to her, my brother will be able to see his kids grow up. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone in need of a good criminal lawyer.

J. A (Maroubra)

Company GM About to Lose His Drivers License

The difficult set of circumstances of my case for which I engaged Ms Hampel to handle for me, involved the undesirable combination of:

My brief to Ms Hampel, was that owing to vital work and other commitments, to be without a drivers license for any period, would be entirely untenable for me. That owing to my pivotal role in the conduct of my architectural practice and also owing to my home being located in a region where there is no public transport, that to be without the ability to drive, would in these circumstances, threaten the employment security of my staff and the business as well.

Ms Hampel handled all aspects of my appeal in what was a highly professional manner. Of equal importance to me and my confidence in the process, was that her management style made me feel fully informed at all times.

In court, her conduct of the case was suitably impressive, and I felt properly prepared prior to entering the witness box. Of most importance was the successful end result, which she procured, which was the obtaining from the court its orders to allow me to continue driving. Overall, in view of the obstacle of my poor driving record to content with, her procurement of the desired outcome was most pleasing.

A.B (Hunter Valley)

Drug Driving & a Second Chance

I have always considered myself to be a law-abiding citizen. I have a home, a career, a wife and a newborn on the way. I was celebrating a major victory at work when someone suggested that we have a small amount of cocaine. I consider myself (usually speaking) a responsible adult. Two days after the incident, I was stopped about 10 minutes away from my house by a random RBT, I felt confident because I knew I hadn’t had a drink. I had no idea that they could test for illicit substances, let alone that I would have anything in my system.

I was shattered when the reading came up positive. I phoned SCTLawyers, attended their York Street office and had them represent me in Court a week later. I walked out of Court that day a new man. I was given a second chance. Thanks to my lawyers, they argued the good fight and managed to keep me from receiving a criminal conviction. A huge lesson learnt, excellent legal representation. Thank you so much. Highly recommend their services to anyone in trouble.

J. Thomas (Sydney)

Defended Hearing Won

I was charged by police for failing to leave licensed premises, assault and an affray. The circumstances were such that I knew I couldn’t accept a conviction for any of the offences as I was not guilty of the offences charged, and the penalties were enormous.

We took the matter to court and we won. Although I am not a person of extravagant means, the money paid for my legal representation was worth every penny. The cross-examination of the witnesses, showed them up to be the liars that they were and because of the competent legal representation, I have been vindicated.

Nick. (Newtown)

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