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What if the Penalty you have Received in the Local Court is too Harsh?

In the event that your matter has already been finalized in the Local Court and you were represented by Legal Aid or you were represented by a private barrister or lawyer which promised you the world but did not get the result that you expected to receive, then there is a remedy to your situation and this is as simple as lodging a District Court Severity appeal. You generally have 1 month to lodge the appeal, or if the time in which to appeal has lapsed, we can still lodge one for you, however we will have to obtain leave of the court before doing so.

Assuming that you instruct us to lodge an appeal for you, you will have the option of obtaining the services of one of our experienced solicitors or we will engage the services of an experienced barrister to run the appeal. As Solicitor Advocates, we generally do all our District Court Appeals ourselves, however we can understand if you feel like it is your last chance, and you want to make the most of it.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you get the best result possible. We will make recommendations as to the course your matter should take, however ultimately leave the final decision in your hands. We have represented thousands of clients in all types of matters, and it is this experience, which enables us to be able to give you a fairly accurate interpretation as to what penalty you can expect to receive when you attend the District Court on appeal.

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